Pizza Hut, Toni&Guy, Foot Locker and FCUK aren't paying staff properly

wages As the government continue to name and shame companies who don't pay their staff properly, some big names are getting dragged into the mire. Added to this rogue's gallery are big high street names Foot Locker, Pizza Hut, French Connection and Toni&Guy.

In total, 48 employers owed £162,000 with penalties totalling over £67,000, according to HM Revenue and Customs.

Now, thanks to this naming and shaming, over 200 employers have been published for not paying their staff adequately. Since October 2013, the total arrears stand at £635,000 with penalties of nearly £250,000 coming into play.

Business Minister Jo Swinson said: ‘There’s no excuse for companies that don’t pay staff the wages they’re entitled to – whether by wilfully breaking the law, or making irresponsible mistakes. The Government is protecting workers by cracking down on employers who ignore minimum wage rules. In addition to naming and shaming, we've increased the penalty fines and boosted the resources available to investigate non-compliance."

Companies are being caught out thanks to tip-offs to the free and confidential Pay and Work Rights Helpline. So if you think someone is underpaying their staff and want to blow the whistle on them, you know what to do.

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