New Queen on coins from next year

There is going to be a new Queen on the coins as of next year.

Well, strictly speaking it will be a new image of Queen Elizabeth "II", rather than a brand new monarch, but you get the drift.

It's the first new portrait since 1998, and only the fifth image to be commissioned during her 62 year tenure.

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Designs have already been submitted by specialist designers for the new portrait, and the winner will be revealed by the Royal Mint Advisory in the new year.

The current portrait of the Queen was created by Ian Rank-Broadley and has been in circulation for 16 years.

In September, the Royal Mint launched a public design competition to find designs for the reverse side of the coins, with the winner to receive a ten grand fee for their design, which - lordy - will stay in circulation for around 30 years.

We hope they use the photo where she looks like a Sith from Star Wars.


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