New plastic £5 notes are imminent!

New plastic £5 notes are imminent!

We've heard a lot about it, but now, it is finally happening - the Bank of England are about to unleash the plastic £5 notes on the UK. Good news if you're always putting trousers in the wash and leaving money in your pockets.

The polymer banknotes will last a lot longer than the ones we have now, and thanks to this, the Bank of England is going to save around £100 million over 10 years, as they won't have to keep reprinting them.

The design of the new £5 will be unveiled later this week, and the notes themselves will start appearing in our tills in September.

This new fiver will be a bit smaller than the cotton-based one we're used to, and will see Winston Churchill replacing Elizabeth Fry on the reverse.

They'll be followed by plastic versions of other notes too.

There's going to be a plastic £10 which stars Jane Austen next year, and by 2020, there'll be a £20 note featuring JMW Turner.

Plastic notes are common overseas, with Canada and Australia having them already. Of course, there's going to be some people moaning about them, but it's money, and money is good regardless of how it feels and what it looks like.

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    the isle of man tried this from 83 to 88 and guess what it failed !

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