New £5 notes selling for £200

New £5 notes selling for £200

As you know, last week, the UK was introduced to the new polymer £5 note which will survive a wash, but don't test it to see if it'll tear - because it will, and you'll be a fiver down.

However, you can make some money on your new bank note, as some people are forking out as much as £200 to get their grubby paws on one.

Of course, they're not all worth something - there's always a caveat when it comes to collectable currency.

Basically, the 'first press' notes are super sought-after by notaphilists (yes, that's a real word).

So what will you need to look for, to see if you've got a rare fiver?

  • Firstly, find the serial number.
  • If it begins with AA01, you've got a first press fiver!
  • If it has numbers that are in a pleasing sequence (1234... etc), you could sell it for more!

If you have one tucked away in your wallet, or have one in a drawer because you were going to save it for a keepsake, go check it out, and see if you can make a rather lovely return on your money.

As we've said before - if you want one of these fivers just because you want to hold one and see what they look like up close, get down to your local bank and see if you can draw some out.

Or, if you're in London, go to the Bank of England and see the people at the bank note exchange desk, where you can swap old fivers for new ones.

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