Katie Price scent whipped off Superdrug shelves after Indian bottle wage rumpus

55815470 Women! Are you reading this website while sporting a toot of the Katie Price perfumes Stunning or Besotted on or about your slender, elegant wrists or neck? Because if you are, you should probably be feeling deeply ashamed of yourself right now.

That’s because a report in The Observer on Sunday claimed that the bottles were made in India by workers who are being paid 26p an hour, which is less than the minimum wage in case you hadn’t already guessed. As a result of that report, Superdrug have withdrawn the fragrances from their shelves, stating that it all flies in the face of their “robust ethical trading policy.”

But Katie’s spokesdudes have leapt into action and roared: “Following a press report about the production of Katie Price's perfume bottles by the Pragati Glass Company, we can confirm that this factory in India is no longer used as a source of component.

“The production of the bottle, its packaging, filling and finishing has been moved from India to the UK and France. We would like to reiterate as always that all products manufactured for Katie Price, or third parties working on behalf of Katie Price, have a checking policy that ensures health, safety and ethical trading guidelines are met and in most cases are exceeded. We are investigating if and how this has occurred in these circumstances.”

Katie Price, you’ve lost our trust and support. It’s going to take A LOT for you to get that back.


  • dude
    1st , WTF is dis real etc... Its the sad reality of a lot of products unfortunatly...
  • The B.
    I couldn't be arsed to read all that, just in case that picture of a rancid bint made me puke on my keyboard.
  • Yue
    They made a perfume that smells of fish?
  • Issac M.
    I applaud the Guardian for their defense of these poor Indian workers. Of course now they have no job at all, but hey ho....
  • M
    "Of course now they have no job at all, but hey ho…." Quite. It would be nice if everyone could earn what a UK newspaper journalist gets but the reality is in some parts of the world 26p per hour is a wage to aspire to. Children will go hungry tonight because of this great piece of crusading journalism.
  • Ted S.
    Katie Price? Shitty Price more like.
  • parpparp
    India isn't that backward you tards. They have had a national minimum wage since 1948. Currently it is set at 100 Rupees or about £1.50 an hour.
  • james d.
    It's not like Katie Price personally forced slave labour on these people, hell the company who make the perfume probably didnt either. Some company that bid on the contract to make the bottles probably subcontracted out their production to an indian company which owned another company which produced the bottles.
  • Bullet
    What you forgot to mention andy is that there is as an admin fee of £49.95 before they get there wages, so are usually left with even less a month. www.WeBuyAnyIndianMigrantWorker.com
  • dvdj
    I know she's rancid but I still wouldn't mind a go on her... Probably just to fulfil some boyhood fantasies and to just generally abuse her like the filthy whore she is.
  • dvdj
    Did I miss the point of this article sorry?? Err slave labour is bad, peace.
  • F. F.
    I think Peter Andre commissioned this article....
  • -]
    Are there seriously people saying that "at least they had a job"? I know this is a consumer website, but surely mindless consumer idiots can have some class conciousness? A bit of solidarity with the workers? Having no job is better than being horrendously exploited for 26p/hour. Well, until some scab (like the above) goes out and does the job, undermining worker struggle. Tits, giant tits and absolute tits.
  • Junkyard
    It's nice that they're investigating both "if and how" this happened. You'd think they'd leave investigating how until they've established whether it occurred in the first place.
  • A w.
    I reckon she's got a right ugly growler
  • Nobby
    > Having no job is better than being horrendously exploited for 26p/hour. That is about 20% under minimum wage in India. I'd prefer to be earning something and be able to eat than earning nothing and starving and having to scavenge rubbish tips for food.
  • Klingelton
    @ junkyard, By investigating how, they'd already admitted liability and accepting they know that it has happened, therefore, the if is a non-statement. @A wig wearer Every other part of her is ugly, i bet her beefy drapes scrape the floor when she walks.
  • -]
    It ISN'T 20% under minimum wage - it is less than 20% OF the minimum wage. Nothing worse than a scab undermining the struggle of all workers to earn a fair wage. Well, nothing but a scab who then goes onto the net to try and claim it is a large percentage of the min wage.
  • Do S.
    [...] Katie Price scent whipped off Superdrug shelves after Indian ... [...]
  • LLC1461
    I work for superdrug and i was more than happy to take that tacky fragrance off the shelves and was more than happy to put peter andre in the space...Hopefullt she will never come out the warehouse - just gatherin dust !
  • TFTV2225
    Excellent read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found this for him smile. So let me rephrase that: Thanks for lunch!

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