Jon Stewart gets serious for a moment about the recession

Jon Stewart is a god. There, we said it. You can criticise the hypocrisy by which The Daily Show pulls apart the American news networks, applying the same reporting techniques and stirring in spoonfuls of spin to highlight their incompetence, but ultimately the show never sells itself as anything other than entertainment.

That doesn't mean it can't get serious, though. For the past week, Stewart has taken umbrage with a financial presenter called Jim Cramer - you probably recognise him as the anchor of Mad Money; his wild on-set personae has earned him cameos in TV shows and movies.

Last night Cramer appeared as a guest on The Daily Show; Stewart put it to Cramer that he and others in the financial sector were well aware the current recession was of their own making, but instead they continued to satisfy their own interests and report to the contrary. Once a tape is played of Cramer explaining how Apple's stock can easily be derailed, you see an altogether angrier side of Stewart, as he connects the dots and rips into him. Maybe he's an Apple fanboy, or maybe he's the last honest man in television - it makes for compelling viewing either way.

Spin forward to about 5'50" if you don't want to watch Jim Cramer squirm from the start:


  • Andy
    Argh! Spoilers! Been following this anchor war all week and get to watch it tonight on the Daily Show. Fully expected Stewart to get serious though, he usually obliterates people when it comes to real debates.
  • Yas88
    class act. a real Jew, speaks against barbarism
  • Blah
    Good old Viacom getting YouTube videos pulled again.
  • N E.
    Copy still available... (It's in 3 parts and it's riveting.)
  • glyn
    full version (unedited) is available here in 3 parts. contains uncensored swearing so maybe NSFW
  • David
    Meh. Jon Stewart is overrated. He's got his shtick and he good at it, but I don't see him as especially honest or especially talented (how hard is it to tell jokes that other people make up?). As for honest, he routinely rips into Republicans with great zest but only rarely targets those on the left. And like all US comics, The Messiah President is currently Off Limits When It Comes To Jokes. Joke about Biden, Hillarie, yes, but The One? No way. OK I think he criticised Obama recently actually, but it was nowhere near as insulting or harsh as he was on the last President. He can be as bitchy as he wants to be, and then throw up his hands and say "Relax, we're just a comedy show!" if one of his targets bites back. Stephen Colbert is much better because he doesn't take himself as seriously.

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