John Lewis enjoy a very Merry Christmas

5 January 2010

Bitterwallet - John Lewis have a very Merry ChristmasFans of John Lewis rejoice! Your favourite department store has reported its best-ever Christmas sales... ever! The high street chain clobbered its previous pre-recession best in 2007 with record revenues of over half a billion pounds in the five weeks up to Saturday and like-for-like sales up nearly 13 per cent from last year. All said and done, they've done rudely well in a so-called "recession".

Fashion sales increased by over a fifth, home goods were up 19 per cent and electrical and technology sales increased by 11 per cent. John Lewis managing director Andy Street said that the five-week period had seen "a number of records broken", but that it was unlikely the good fortune would continue through 2010. Spoilsport. Another director concluded the record December spending was down to people simply going batshit crazy: "People can only take so much bad news and then their heads burst open like bad eggs in a microwave this Christmas they wanted to shop."


  • Sky O.
    Hey fantastic BW people, can you use your superpowers to find out why National Fail's website has crashed?
  • Sky O.
    ...and because I'm bored -
  • goon
    i'd say its more that people dont think they will go bust and they give better than average warranty on the stuff they sell. i bought shit of them in december for those very reasons. also because i hate dixons/comet etc.
  • Kris P.
    Great place to shop - well trained staff, excellent service and good prices. Dixons group take note...
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I like go into John Lewis, it's very warm in there.

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