Irn Bru and Tango to take over the world


Forget 'The Real Thing', and that Diet Coke guy with a kitten down his trousers. AG Barr, creators of Scotland’s favourite girder-based drink Irn Bru, and Britvic, who own Tango - are uniting to create a fizzy pop supergroup which could rival Coca Cola.

The £1.4 billion merger would mean their annual sales would stand at an effervescent £1.5 billion, making them Europe’s largest soft drinks behemoth.

The details still need to be thrashed out over a nice glass of limeade with a straw, but the bid has been approved by The Competition Commission, and if it all goes ahead, we could be seeing some of our favourite great British soft drinks elevated to the status of global brands.

Just think of the advertising opportunities. Beyonce chugging down a litre of Irn Bru and a Gregg’s steak bake before she goes on stage. Paparazzi photos of the Kardashians taking their refundable R.Whites lemonade empties back to the shop. That wee bald orange Tango man running through the street bursting people’s eardrums...

Personally I think they shouldn’t stop until the Superbowl is sponsored by Tizer.


  • chewbaccccaaaaaa
    @Goodbye Lucy isn't racist, she's a liberal. In fact, she's worse than a racist as she likes all the cuddly people who leech from this country. She will defend to the death their rights, as long as everyone else has no rights.
  • kv
    Irn Tango? sounds horrible
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da erb
  • Colin
    @ chewbaccccaaaaaa who are you talking to - you losing it man? Yours is the first comment - unless theres been some selective moderation going on!
  • HW
    @Colin Loads of comments have been removed over the past week. The whole T-shirt Racist aticle has been pulled altogether. Never seen this amount of censorship on BW before, but the comments were pretty savage.
  • LD
    Yep my link to a great Irn Bru ad pulled yesterday too. The one with the Mum - find it on youtube. And get a sense of humour BW
  • Big M.
    Granny was a Fanny!

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