Inflation rate rockets up to 5.2%


The UK inflation rate has just been announced, and we’re basically all more screwed than ever before. Those of you who were mad enough to pick 5.2% in as the figure in our exciting, non-existent prediction game were bang on the money.

It’s a rise from August’s figure of 4.2% and is taken from the Consumer Prices Index, the most accurate measurement of the cost of stuff that most of us splash our dough on. The boring old Bank Of England’s target rate for the CPI is a snail-pace 2%. Ha – losers!

The main reason for the rise in the figure has been the increase in energy costs, with many of the energy supplier bastards bringing in their pre-winter price hikes during September.

Can we just start again in a world without money? Please?


  • Alexis
    Love the Tory attempt to sort everything out yesterday. End result: "Everybody switch supplier!" I assume the government will be sending a tombola to every household with all the energy suppliers printed on little cards for each family to one pick out.
  • Will
    Great news. I thought I was doing well having the bulk of my savings in a 5% interest account. Now it'll still be worth less next year :( Anyone know of any 5.2%+ savings accounts?
  • Shazza
    SAVINGS??? pah, waste of time. I spent all my money on crap that'll now cost you 5.2% more.
  • Marky M.
    Perhaps everybody should switch Government.
  • Katie P.
    Have you got a number for the bloke in the photo, he's well fit.
  • Sloppy J.
    @ Katie Price. He's the Wolverhampton Ring Road Tramp, and he's a bit dead.
  • Marky M.
    In this week's Katie Price News: "How Derek Acora helped me contact dead tramp, innit?"
  • Katie P.
    @Marky Mark, don't be silly, Derek Acora's fake, that's why he got booted from most haunted init? Now, that Sally Morgan, she's the real deal.

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