"I’m not moving. I like where I live"

Big business doesn’t always win. Sometimes the little guy stands up for what he believes and the corporate steamroller is forced to take a slight diversion around him.

For example, if The Big Bully Corporation wants to build a shopping mall where you live, they’ll make you an offer for your house so that they can bulldoze it down. 99% of the time, a deal is done and The Big Bully Mall is built.

But now and again, homeowners dig their heels in and refuse to move. Their houses  become known to the angry men at The Big Bully Corporation as ‘nail houses’ – like a nail stuck in a piece of wood, they refuse to budge. It happens – in fact it’s the starting point of the plot of Disney/Pixar’s forthcoming ‘Up’ film.

So the building work commences anyway and the stubborn homeowner finds that he’s now living in the middle of the shopping mall or maybe in the middle of an airport runway.

The Deputy Dog blog have gathered together some amazing images of nail houses that look as though they’ve been plucked from somewhere else and dumped into a scene of bustling commerce. Here’s a couple of them… could YOU live in houses like these?

[via Presurfer]


  • > H.
    How about the best of British? That's right Ladies and Gents, The Man in the Middle... http://www.bbc.co.uk/bradford/content/articles/2006/11/02/m62_farm_feature.shtml
  • tom
    are these for real?surely not?
  • Mike U.
    Ah Yes..The Man In The Middle, I pass his humble abode on a daily basis, am still waiting to his a sheep yet through
  • Ryan
    If they offered a lot more than what my house was worth I'd easily accept!
  • Sean
    Ryan, so would I. But I don't think my landlord would be happy! Anyway, yeah, I pretty much owe my life to Stott farm. Driving down the M62 westbound one winters evening/night, something fell out the back of the van infront of me as we were in the outside lane. Nowhere else to go, I swerved right, and instead of hitting the central reservation and dying, I just ran off into the grass completely unhurt! Hurrah!

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