HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 27th November

What kind of bargains would a man be looking for if he’d just been released from a short spell in jail for lewd conduct in a monastery? I haven’t got a clue – I was in Manchester drinking heavily and watching a rock god strutting his stuff. In case you were wondering, Nick Cave and Cliff Richard both were in town, and I’ll let you decide for yourself where I was. A big shout out to all the monks by the way.

Okay – time for the finest bargains from today’s posts at HotUKDeals…

Here’s the simple part – ASDA are knocking the VAT off a wide range of stuff this weekend, starting tomorrow. Here’s the hard part – nobody over at HUKD can quite figure out what this really means.

The thread highlighting the deal has gradually filled up with long, complex posts featuring algebra, equations and veiled accusations of rank stupidity. It’s a treat, and looks like a massive outtake from A Beautiful Mind. Either way, it’s the hottest deal of the day.
(Deal found by SERPICO77)

Right, what’s next? As it’s after 2pm and I still haven’t had any lunch, let’s have a food-related bargain. Best I can see is a pair of toastie bags for a quid at Poundland.

They’re gloriously simple and allow you to make a toasted sandwich in your toaster. At this point in time, that sounds like a concept you could possibly base a new religion around. I’m so bloody hungry I could probably eat the bag itself.
(Deal found by rbquk)

Bringing up the rear today is a thing – a thing which appears (to my thick self anyway) as a brain inside a ball. It’s called 20Q and you’ve probably seen an ad for it where it bamboozles some teens by reading their minds.

It’s a doddle to read a teenager’s mind – they’re either thinking about sex, crack, both or nothing at all. But I digress – you can get a 20Q for less than a fiver and it seems to be a pretty fun way of passing some time. But you will want to throw it across the room when it continually guesses what you’re thinking of so remember what they say – people in glass houses shouldn’t throw 20Q parties.
(Deal found by amibees)

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