Girls Aloud bring about major change in energy supplier's policy. Or something

31 March 2009

Who says Bitterwallet doesn’t get things done? It’s less than a week since we ran a story highlighting the shocking fact that energy suppliers think nothing of overcharging us via monthly direct debit so that they can build up vast sums of our cash in their bank accounts and greedily feast on the interest like a hungry baby marmoset would guzzle away at its mother’s dugs.

It was a spellbinding story, which was in many ways enhanced by the way we managed to intertwine it with some shit-hot new pics of Girls Aloud dressed up to the noughts in some PVC undergear. Information, entertainment and mild erotica – all the ingredients for the perfect blog post.

Now, just a few days later, Scottish Power have announced that they’ll be the first energy supplier to pay interest to those customers who rack up large credit balances with them through paying regular, fixed direct debits.

With the word ‘rack’ hanging in the air, we’ll point those of you who want to know more to this Guardian article which has some of the facts and figures you’ll be interested in. The rest of us can just hang around here and leer at the pic of Girls Aloud, without whose help we doubt this major consumer breakthrough would almost certainly never have happened.

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  • Gus
    Andy, do you really have to be swearing in every article that you write? shit-hot ? just "hot" would be fine! ;)
  • Mike H.
    Gus, there was no need to swear in your response something like s**t-hot would have been fine for fucks sake! Keep up the fucking swearing Andrew
  • Andy D.
    Yes. Yes I do.
  • Andy D.
    Gus - was this you? ;-)
  • OFI
    So.. er.. where are the HQ pics ;-)
  • Gus
    Yes! ;) I always read your articles. I just think that they don't need so much swearing to get attention. But if you just like swearing... what can I do?
  • acecatcher3
    they need to kick the ginger out of the band!!!! or force her to dye it for heavens sake!!!!
  • MinstrelMan
    Dont talk crap ace, we've all been through the stage of wanting to ream the ginger one. Only last week I had a vivid fantasy involving her and a choc ice.
  • acecatcher3
    the only fantasy ill ever have with her involved is me handing her a botle of hair dye and seeing her use it. theres actually a picture where she looks nice but its obvs a photoshop...ill find it as im on lunch hold up! very disapointing they shudda kicked her out ages ago and asked alesha dixon if she wanted in!!
  • Mike H.
    ace - If you've got Girls Aloud round for the evening for some 'entertainment' much like I do of a weekend, then the ginga is a good warm-up, it's good to put one in the 'bank' before starting on the other four.
  • Rob
    Yes, very photoshopped , someone added 25 layers of brown to her skin to change it from Dulux Brilliant White and tried their best to fade the marks that the ugly stick gave her .
  • acecatcher3
    @ mike - watching a girls aloud dvd on the weekend isnt cool dude lol @rob - haha i know, shes like casper isnt she, get her out i say!!
  • OFI
    Ace: You realise she DID dye it for a while right? Hence the hair colour in that photo. I'm not a member of the 'hate on the ginger one' bandwagon. I certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed. Girlfriend might though.. ;-)

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