Forget fireworks, remember to make your Will in November

willaidIt’s nearly November. Sort of. And we all know that November is the month of themes. No, we’re not talking about Movember for the hairy sorts, or NaNoWriMo for the creative sorts (we’ve not even thought about January yet) No, next month is Will Aid month, which means you can get something really useful for free instead of having to grow hair on your face (or other body part).

During the whole of November, for 30 glorious days, Will Aid solicitors all over the UK will write you a basic Will without charging their usual fee.  There isn’t even a catch. Well, there is a catch, in that the solicitors involved are aiming to raise as much money as possible for the Will Aid charities, by asking Will-makers for a donation, which reflects the time and expertise they have devoted to writing the Will. The suggested donation is £90 for a single Will, £135 for mirror Wills or £40 for a codicil or change to a previous Will. But hey, you won’t be using that money when you’re dead will you?

We like Will Aid. It fulfills three important criteria- you get something for nothing (or nothing in your lifetime at least), it raises money for charity AND gets you lazy and indolent sorts to actually get round to making a Will. Last November over 27,000 clients wrote a Will and nine charities will share a £2.2 million legacy donated to Will Aid.

But places are limited, so you should find out whether your local suit is participating by checking or by phoning the hotline on 0300 0300 013. You can then contact the solicitor straightaway to make an appointment for November. For additional peace of mind for Will Aid clients, they have also teamed up with Certainty, the National Will Register, so that clients can register the location of their Will - for free.  When a Will is needed, the register enables loved ones to quickly and easily locate it. Just don’t bury it in the garden or something.

We’re off to make an appointment with Len…


  • Idi A.
    Where IS Len? He was great.
  • LancerVancer
    Dear old Len. I heard he was fighting in the Ultimo Umbra Xtreme Lawyer Wrestling.
  • LancerVancer
    Didn't he have a sextape leaked the other week? No, sorry that was Hulk Hogan.
  • Colin
    We’re off to make an appointment with Len… Surely one of his co workers would be better, that specialise in wills, like David or Richard for example :)

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