Fast food joints fail to advertise calorie count

2n7kx81 Hey fatties! Think it would be a good idea if fast food joints and restaurants displayed calorie counts of their food at the point of sale? That way, you might think twice about what you buy and then you might stop being such a fatty, right?

The Food Standards Agency thought something like that would be a good idea as well, and implemented it as a trial. Amazingly though, most of Britain’s fast food chains have quietly backed away from extending the trial, bizarrely opting not to advertise the calorific content of their wares.

The only company to have committed to extending the trial are Pret A Manger – the rest, including the likes of McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut are no longer taking part in the vast majority of their outlets. The Independent report that just three per cent of 6,000 major fast food and sandwich shops are displaying the info that the FSA hoped they would.

Just why Pizza Hut wouldn’t want their customers to know that one of their pizzas has 2,656 calories (156 above the RDA for a man) or that a Starbucks carrot cake has 560 calories (over a quarter of the RDA for a woman) is completely beyond us. We’re stumped.

Mmmm, muffin stumps…


  • mizzle
    You seem to have made the assumption that the fatties that frequent such establishments can actually read. Aside from that, do you think that these 'people' are going to queue up with the delicious smell of saturated fat overpowering their inevitable BO, only to get to the till, read a small notice stating that junk food is high in calories (shock) and turn around and waddle out to find a salad? I think McDonalds should have a travellator (Gladiators) type entrance meaning that anyone approaching the tills would have to burn a few hundred calories before making their order
  • PaulH
    No wonder I'm getting fat
  • Willy-wonka
    mmm boygers...
  • Goity
    Stop trying to steal my calories Bitterwallet. They're mine! MINE!
  • The B.
    Seriously though, who the hell above the age of 10 eats at Pizza Hut?
  • speedski
    compulsory in NYC in the US and it WORKS - it SHOULD be compulsory here - the only reason why it wont is corporate greed...
  • Yoda
    "compulsory in NYC in the US and it WORKS" Ahh, I was wondering why the US populace were looking so slim and trim - no danger of overweight Americans then...
  • Jeebus
    @mizzle - Lol... The sad thing, and I can see it coming is the reverse type of travelator you see at Waterloo Station/Airports so the fatties don't even have to walk to the till to order. I remember seeing a pic somewhere on the web of someone actually taking a chair to the queue so they could sit whilst waiting.
  • Jeebus
    And another thing, the governement are relatively quick to regulate/up taxes on alcohol/cigarettes on the basis that they are harmful. Why not fast food? Where I live (East London) fast food places outnumber pubs by around 6:1. Plus fast food outlets are allowed to go after (market to) kids.
  • sibeer
    Choose your toppings well and your pizza hut can give you 5 a day as well as 106% of your calorie intake, ace :)
  • Peter
  • Dom
    They did this in a lot of restaurants I went to in NYC this year, I don't know if it is a country wide thing in America but can only be good over here!! It certainly made me decide against a few items when I saw the calorie count!
  • speedski
    Its a recently introduced NYC state law (bloomberg driven) to have the calorie counts on stuff - made me stop ordering certain stuff when you find a pasta dish is over 1,700 calories its not something you then order (was with no fish or meat, just pasta and sauce!!!) I must admit it made you order different junk food when you did have junk food too - some of the stuff in McD'really bad, and its not the stuff you'd expect either...
  • Acid N.
    [...] Fast food joints fail to advertise calorie count | BitterWallet [...]
  • d72
    "Seriously though, who the hell above the age of 10 eats at Pizza Hut?" I'm amazed that anyone over the age of 10 wants to eat at any fast food place
  • -]
    It would be fantastic if full nutritional info was given in restaurants/fast food shitholes, and not just for fatties but all of us. Unfortunately the Condem government have pretty much scrapped the FSA (and anything else of use in the country) in a move that further enables corporations power over what we eat.
  • How P.
    [...] Fast food joints fail to advertise calorie count | BitterWallet [...]
  • Classical a.
    [...] Fast food joints fail to advertise calorie count | BitterWallet [...]
  • Rodney O.
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