Exclusivity clauses in zero hour contracts to be banished

zero hour contract Vince Cable, bless him, has spoken of his plans to shake up the way zero hour contracts work. The Business Secretary has said that he's going outlaw employers from using zero hours contracts that stop workers from taking jobs elsewhere while at the same time, not actually offering any hours of work or income.

If a company isn't giving you any hours, it is only fair that you should be able to go work for someone who will.

Of course, there's more zero hour contracts knocking around than everyone first thought - and now, it looks like zero hour contracts will be one of the hot topic of the 2015 election campaign, after all the parties decide how heavily they want to lean on the thorny issue of immigration (seriously - it's like MPs have all copied each other's homework).

There's approximately 1.4 million jobs in Britain on zero-hours contracts, with 125,000 of those with a built-in exclusivity clause that bars workers from getting a job elsewhere.

Vince Cable says: "Zero hours contracts have a place in today’s labour market... but it has become clear that some unscrupulous employers abuse the flexibility that these contracts offer to the detriment of their workers."

There's also set to be a new code of practice for businesses that are using zero hour contracts.


  • No c.
    I am on a zero hour contract for years! It works alright when you need to take sometime off without giving any explanation. Also if you find a contracted job you can just leave without notice.
  • Han S.
    You forgot to mention that Vince also said people should be offerred a minimum amount of hours of work each week so they know how much money they'll earn and can make plans etc. But then surely that makes it not a zero hours contract?

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