eBay opens up a new category for non-existent coins

23 January 2014

bitcoinsEver wanted to be a virtual millionaire? Well now the UK’s favourite online auction site can help you pursue your dreams, with a new ‘virtual currency’ category scheduled to go live on 10th February.

Bitcoins have gained massively in both popularity and value recently, but much like anything else, bu the time it’s popular, is there any room to make money. eBay certainly seem to think so. The new category will be a classified-ad only item, meaning that eBay ‘purchases’ are not binding, but merely a way of introducing buyers to sellers online. A bit like Bitcoin Dating.

For now at least, the new category will only be available on eBay UK, presumably while the bosses upstairs ponder on whether this will be big for eBay, or whether the only people interested in buying are happy to frequent geekish Bitcoin fora in shady places on the  net.

Still, the UK is an interesting choice for a launch, given the current furore and confusion over the tax treatment of Bitcoins in the UK, not least whether those selling them ought to account for 20% VAT (once minimum thresholds are surpassed). It might have been easier to launch on the German eBay site, where the treatment of Bitcoins is more clear. For now, anyway.

So will you be picking up  few Bitcoins with your children’s clothes on eBay, or do they belong on a black market somewhere, rather than on a red, blue, yellow and green one?

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  • Grammar S.
    The plural of forum is forums, not fora.
  • Jack
    Dogecoin is where its at nowadays. Much wow.
  • fuqstix
    'The plural of forum is forums, not fora.' Irregardless of what you say, it's the exception that proves the rule. Q.E.D.

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