Double Deathwatch: Clinton Cards and Blacks in big trouble

retail deathwatch Here are a couple of examples of the ‘high street meltdown’ that we mentioned a bit earlier on. Clinton Cards and Blacks Leisure are both in a bit of a pickle and to be honest, it’s hard to see either of them turning it around any time soon.

Clinton Cards have announced a loss of £10.7m in the past year, across their 596 self-named stores and 127 Birthdays stores. The previous year saw pre-tax profits of £11.97m. But the company are working hard to turn it around and have extended their credit facility with their banks until 2013. However, they have reportedly had to ask landlords for extra time to pay their shop rents as they struggle to cope with the losses.

Meanwhile, over at Blacks, things are looking even worse, with a £16m pre-tax loss reported in only six months (leading up to 27th August). Like-for-like sales have fallen by 7.2% to £81.1m and the company (who also own Millets) say that there is ‘a material uncertainty’ about Blacks’ ability to keep going without new financing.

As Twitter user @callummay said earlier, “could now be the winter of their discount tents?”


  • Ross
    No real surprise about Clinton's to be honest. Nobody likes shelling out for cards and now that they can be had much cheaper in supermarkets and now that personalised cards can be made online, why would you want to spend out on a card from Clintons ? The shops look exactly the same now as they did 20 years ago, they haven't moved with the times.
  • Dick
    I won't miss either of them. Especially Clintons. Shit store.
  • linda f.
    Clintons sell quality cards at varous prices.Yes some stores do look dated but that is not what your taking home to your family and friends.Do they ask when you give them your card 'was the store shit that you bought this from'?No i did'nt think so! Clintons rivals might look bright and modern but the cards are cheap and look cheap,and there is no customer service!I know where i would rather shop.
  • samuri
    cards are cheap shit too and to be honest i would rather have the fiver than a fucking poxy bin filler
  • bobby b.
    Its all they deserve. Apparently they treat their staff like shit so if they go through they'll be doing them all a favour. They can find another job where they are treated like people! Good riddance I say.
  • Zleet
    Clinton Cards where normal cards are £3 totally empty but head round to the card shop opposite HMV on Newcastle highstreet where you can get a giant card for a quid and queues out the door. Wonder why the former is failing?
  • Joff
    Who are these idiots that buy these "personalised" cards from Moon Pigeon, etc? I buy cards online, from Hallmark, but not because I can upload a photo of Dad sitting on a deckchair but because it's convenient. Dear Clintons, I know you're late to the online card party but give this a try: Let me import all my card-buying anniversaries in iCal format into your website. Then, let me pick a card for each of these anniversaries for the next 12 months, fill out my message and address details and save a reminder for closer to the date. A couple of weeks before said date, you send me an email asking for payment. I nip onto PayPal or similar and pay you a reasonable sum for you to send a piece of card through the post. You then hand write the message on the card, stick it in the post and watch the profits come in. Dear Hallmark, if you want to ruin Clinton cards do the above before they do.
  • linda f.
    Um bet that giant card for a quid is lovely!Hope i never get one,that will be a bin filler! Clintons all the way for me thanks:)Cant stand cheap tacky cards.

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