Deathwatch - UK officially in recession, Threshers drinks up

You heard it here first, possibly; the UK economy has officially entered into recession. That'll come as a surprise to precisely nobody, but it does mean we can stop fannying about with calling it a "credit crunch" and "downturn". You can now sing it from the rooftops, or scream it into your pillow as you join the ever-growing queue of unemployed; we are now in a

and we're going to be here for quite some time. Boo. And it's not like you can drink to forget about your woes. Not at Threshers' prices anyway, and perhaps that's why they're looking to close unprofitable stores across the UK.

The Independent reports that some staff have been given two days' notice and were told that 400 stores are closing down. Profits are down for the chain, as folk took advantage of the cheap supermarket booze offers at Christmas. Several thousands jobs will be put at risk if the closures go ahead.

A spokeswoman for First Quench Retailing, owners of Threshers, The Local, Wine Rack and Haddows - said: "The number of stores that could close is dependent upon our capacity to reach suitable agreements with these landlords," adding that 100 stores had already closed over the past six months. Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Daniel for reading the Independent and letting us know.


  • Badmanz
    No wonder, even the ciggarettes are horribly overpriced. And they close at 10! on a weekend!
  • Benjimoron
    Such bad grammar!
  • Anon
    supermarkets rule
  • Adam2050
    We will be here for 7ish years as predicted.
  • Mike H.
    Hopefuly there will be a lot of people in sales out of jobs then, losers, means less BMW/Audi's on the motorway, woo hoo!
  • The B.
    My local Threshers shut before Christmas, unsuprising as their wine was shit and overpriced, 2 years before that the Wine Rack located 200 yards away from Thresher shut (nothing like healthy competition is there?).
  • Le R.
    as shocking since the world was acknowledged as being round not
  • England
    The world isn't round..
  • The B.
    Maybe that's why it was shocking?
  • Jeezey
    No more then they deserve; their dishonest 3 for 2 (but our prices were astronomical before we started, and viral marketing voucher hype have been getting my goat for years. good riddance. Dishonest bunch of charlatans if ever there was one.
  • Adam
    what a load of crap, the staff at threshers, wine rack dont control the prices they just work there. Head office control that. so when people lose their jobs because the company has been badly managed its terrible. secondly, why should they stay open after 10pm on a weekend?, supermarkets dont! Just because people work at thresher doesnt mean they dont have social lives, i know i do, more than many of the people on here, i actually go out for drinks with my firends at the weekend, i dont sit at home drinking like an alki. thresher is open untill 10pm so if 12 hours is not enough for you lot then tough. and as for mike hock's comment, i dont know many students who work at thresher's that drive bmw's!!!... you cunt

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