Deathwatch: RIM cut 28% of staff, delay new BlackBerry

deathwatch A BlackBerry used to represent the pinnacle of portable phone/computing technology, back in 1978 or something. But there’s a real chance that it could be extinct by 2078… or even sooner.

Its makers, Research In Motion have announced the loss of another 5,000 jobs, which adds up to 28% of its total workforce. It’s all part of a plan to make a saving of £600 million in cost savings, which isn’t the kind of thing that a thriving company feels the need to be doing.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, RIM have also announced a further delay in the launch of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone, which now won’t be released until the start of 2013 at the earliest. RIM say that its release has “proven to be more time consuming than anticipated.”

They’re also saying that they expect to make an operating loss in the current quarter. Throw in the nightmare that was last year’s temporary loss of BBM services and it looks pretty grim for the BlackBerry and RIM.

Are any of you lot looking forward to the BlackBerry 10? If so, tell us why please?


  • Zleet
    No more RIM jobs?
  • Idi A.
    Perhaps their engineers can get jobs at Nokia.
  • me
  • dangleberry
    maybe becuse they look shit ? pinnicle of phone /pc convergence WTF BW
  • Mr D.
    Please please please bring the Blackberry 10 out. I don't want to look like a clone and wield my phone about like it's a light sabre (and believe it makes me a better person).

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