Deathwatch: Clinton Cards report nasty losses

retail deathwatch Just as looks as though GAME might be saved in some form, Clinton Cards has shuffled into the spotlight as the next contender for the High Street chop. The fancy-pants card retailer has reported a pre-tax loss of £3.7m for the six months to the end of January. A year ago, the results showed a profit of £11.7m for the same period.

The official excuse involves stuff about weaker margins as a result of clearing old stock in the January sales and increased sales of lower margin gifts and blah blah blah. ‘We’re flogging you more tat’ might be the underlying message here.

But don’t worry, because Clinton are undertaking a strategic review and have a new chief executive and everything will be okay. “The outlook for the second half of the current year is below our previous expectations but the changes we are undertaking to the business will deliver significant benefits in future years," said Darcy Willson-Rymer, who took over in October. He added that: “the legacy of the business cycle means that significant impact will only begin to come through from the end of the second half of the financial year."

Yeah, good luck with that, mate.


  • obama
    clinton cards. good place to splash out on your girlfriend.
  • shoplifter
    but the changes we are undertaking to the business will deliver significant benefits in future years,” said Darcy Willson-Rymer, In other words...ramp the TAT prices up....lets face`s fucked...... My shoplifting area is getting smaller by the day...
  • Zleet
    How about not charging nearly four quid for a piece of cardboard with a picture on it?
  • Head
    I wonder if they sell cards with pictures of foxes? Gonna ask Boris
  • Phil76
    @ Zleet Seems like an excellent business model - never any shortage of people buying them!
  • Mike H.
    It's a shame, I like to send my Mrs a little something special, to let her know what she means to me, a letter from the solicitor.
  • The B.
    @Mike, that's got be costing even more than Clinton's, solicitors aren't cheap. Mind you compared to the upkeep of a harridan you're probably better off in the long run, in fact, probably the short run too.
  • Sicknote
    Don't remember the last time I went to Clintons; filled with overpriced tat. Simply send your cards written in pencil and insist that the recipient erase what you've written and send it back to you next year.
  • Nick S.
    The ridiculous hike in the price of stamps could spell the death knoll for a number of card shops. There is a gap in the market now for a scrolling app for your laptops, netbooks, tablets and smartphones that will scroll through all your birthday cards for you sent electronically.
  • Mike H.
    The death Knoll? Is that across the street from the Grassy Knoll?
  • Kevin
    'The ridiculous hike in the price of stamps could spell the death knoll for a number of card shops.' Depends on if you are posting them or not. The vast majority of cards I've bought over the years (including from Clintons) have been given in person. If I want to post something I'll probably just Funkypigeon or Moonpig.
  • Wonkey H.
    I saw this fox once, and it had a massive pigeon in it's delicate little mouth. Quite funky!
  • Mike H.
    funkypigeon or moonpig it? Is that the new Google it?
  • Zleet
    @phil76 At one time it was a good plan. Now though the Clinton cards on my local highstreet is always empty because another shop opened that sells quality cards for under a quid. You can buy one of those giant cards everybody in the office signs for the girl who shot out a baby for just 99p when pretty much the same card is £6 at Clinton.
  • Mike H.
    The reason Clintons are 'going-tits-up' is that they employ 6 full time employees in every fucking store. Why the fuck do they need 6 fucking people to tell someone where the fucking birthday fiucking cards are? All they do is stand at the till and tweet!
  • Dick
    If you want to save money with stamps, use a bubble wrap envelope and put a 2nd class large letter stamp on it. Me and my family have now used the same envelope and stamp five times sending stuff back and forth, as they don't seem to postmark the stamp. Every so often, someone will cross it with a biro, until then, keep using it, opening it carefully each time.
  • Rafe
    A card? How low rent. I simply send a magnum of champagne (sometimes a jeraboam) on special occasions. I shouldn't have expected any less of you, really.
  • Me
    If you lose money selling greeting cards you're a numpty of the highest order. The mark up on those things is incredible. You'd have to have stores 5 times the size needed, and 3 in every town with really poor cards for you to get in trouble selling this stuff. Oh wait.... PS They used to sell a mug with "to gran, love the dog" on it. Niche item!
  • Greg M.
    It's not surprising that they've made such a big losses. Card Factory is SO much cheaper and the cards are just as good.
  • shoplifter
    Greg obviously works for card factory.......greg fuck off
  • Betty
    Yeah, fuck off Greg. You cunt.
  • Card E.
    Greg is right. Clintons are the card equivalent of GAME - overpriced, too many staff and too many shops. I got twice as many cards from Card Factory than Clintons and the shops were literally 20 metres apart. Who is the mug here?

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