Could you murder a burger? Apply within...

Yesterday, it was estimated that 600,000 jobs would be wiped out in the 12 months, today the Independent reports that it's a million. Plotting these values on a graph, we can conclusively prove that there will be no jobs anywhere in the world by next Wednesday and furthermore, money will cease to exist, as will France, Wagon Wheels and Bella Emburg.

Fortunately, there is one job being advertised at the moment. The downside is that you're not welcome to apply unless you know something about architecture and nothing about politics, although nurses and teachers are very welcome to apply. Click to see your new dream job (as in, the only job available anytime soon).



  • ODB
    LOOOOOL sounds like a great company to work for!
  • Fuk s.
    I munch on then 'murder' a FURR burger everyday..................tastes great too. Try it for yourselves you retentive fags :)
  • thebawp
    Why aren't more job adverts written like that?
  • Darren
    That is just brilliant
  • keith
    I could murder one right now
  • veedubjai
    Comes to show that even the New Zealanders are a fun lot. :D
  • Mark W.
    Murder Burger Now with 30% more Hobo.
  • Chilliman
    That's a classic! Talk about Real World, I like them. I'm off to New Zealand to work for them guys, fantastic! lol

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