Companies who make silent nuisance calls could be fined £2million

16 September 2010

A man makes a bothersome call

Nuisance phone calls are a real nuisance. That's why they're called 'nuisance calls'. They phone you up just has your first fork of food is about to go into your mouth at tea time, or just as you just step into the shower. It's like they know.

Anyway, these swine now face fines of up to £2m if they continue to make nuisance silent calls.

The Beeb report that MPs approved the change this week and the higher fine limit will come into force in the last week of this month.

Ofcom (them again) will have the power to impose the fine on firms that make too many silent marketing calls.

"Ofcom welcomes the decision to increase the penalty to £2m for companies breaching rules on silent and abandoned calls," said the regulator's chief executive Ed Richards.

"The increase reflects the potential seriousness of the harm caused to consumers by the unsolicited and intrusive nature of silent and abandoned calls and enables Ofcom to effectively regulate these activities."

This scary looking fine can be slapped across the face of any company who have more than 3% of their calls in a 24-hour period abandoned and left silent when some unlucky sod like us picks up the phone.

It sounds like a tall ask, but it is reported that Barclaycard had been fined £50,000 (that is the former maximum amount for this particular crime) in 2008 for making thousands of silent calls in an eight-month period.

This new higher fine could well be imposed for other forms of persistent telephone shittery such as the misuse of automated calling systems, withholding calling line identification facilities, using systems for dishonest gain and misusing allocated telephone numbers.

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  • Whisky
    Yes, but how do they actually catch the fuckers? All I ever get is silent calls from with-fucking-held numbers.
  • hju
    ofcom?! they dO fuck all
  • foxy l.
    Good luck in applying fines to call centres based overseas.
  • issac h.
    They should create a new watchdog for nuisance calls: Fuckofcom
  • DrTrouserPlank
    We've got one that keeps calling us. It's blatantly an auto-dialer and it waits for you to say something before playing a recorded message. Seeing as the phone companies sell lists of numbers to nuisance callers they won't do anything about it, and I doubt OFCOM will either. Phones should allowable programming of numbers into their memory by the user that would be blocked if they call.
  • Paul A.
    Nice one Isaac. Random Diallers should be banned - what's the point of TPS if you still receive nuisance calls ?
  • Alexis
    I get many many more "This is a free message..." recorded botherings. Forget the silent ones - it's the autodiallers that need sorting.
  • Andy
    "3% of calls within a 24 hour period" - this is still an awful lot of people that can receive abandoned / silent calls legitimately. If a company makes 2000 calls in a 24 hour period that is 60 people that can receive silent calls and OFCOM doesn't care about that! I thought the purpose of these rules was to stop abandoned / silent calls altogether as a single silent call is enough to frighten some people! Andy
  • Paul S.
    I know it costs money but best thing I did was get a device called Truecall Its stopped the calls I get that are unwanted and you can create blacklist of number so call is banned or white list for your friends/mates to bypass the device

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