Commercial Break: Bored girl-rubber is a model professional

Money, fame and lettuce. That’s ALL that models go on about all bleedin’ day long. The bloke in this ad should know – it’s his job to massage them all bleedin’ day long. Money, fame, lettuce. Money, fame, lettuce.

On the rare occasions when they shut up about money, fame and lettuce, they’re pestering him for massages as they bid to keep their bodies relaxed and supple before they strike curious poses in front of the cameras. Did we mention that they’re Brazilian models? Yeah, well they are. Bloody beautiful ones.

No wonder he’s plugging a website with over 140,000 job vacancies on it, none of them involving the manhandling of models from dawn till dusk. All he wants is an office where he can sit at a desk where the phone will ring all day. But what has he got? Gobby models who want their buttocks rubbed. The poor bastard.


  • Spag
    you've got to be careful with these Brazilians, i had a fiddle with what i thought was a women and there wasn't the minge i was expecting
  • Geoff J.
  • veedubjai
    All that hard work on the models & all you get is no respect from them. Must be a hard job then touching woman all day long?

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