Coke isn't quite it anymore, as company shed staff

coke-500ml-x-24-gb Coca-Cola are getting rid of a load of staff. Around 1600 and 1800 employees of their 130,600 staff - including 500 from its HQ - around the globe will become job-free as the fizzy beverage giant restructures its business.

A statement, by an email, said that the company will "continuously look for ways to streamline our business," before going on to say that it did not "take decisions about job impacts lightly."

"We have committed that we will ensure fair, equitable and compassionate treatment of our people throughout this process," the statement continued.

If only they were as compassionate about all those South American villages that they [comment redacted under legal advice] eh?! Anyway, this is the latest saga in the fizzy drinks war, as lifelong arch rivals Coca-Cola and PepsiCo start to feel the wounds of people fleeing their products. Coca-Cola had already mentioned they wanted to drop costs by $3 billion as it is.

The announcement came as the company reported disappointing revenue for its third quarter, with global beverage volume up just 1%.

The rivals have new rivals in the form of flavoured waters and energy drinks, that seem to do that 'hidden sugars' thing quite well under the myth of healthier solutions, but still will rot your insides and make you obese regardless.

It's the latest blow, as the Yanks have been wanting special taxes levied at it to try and stop people drinking the stuff. But then you can buy guns quite freely over there and they seem to do more damage as a whole, so, you know, time for some perspective people.


  • ra r.
    So nothing to do with them making the 2l bottles 1.75l then and charging the same price as before then.....
  • Jim
    Arent coke already in the "health water" cartel bullshit?
  • Big A.

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