Childcare costs wipe out the average wage

child money One in ten families have at least one earner's wages blown on childcare and commuting, according to some research by Aviva.

4% of the women surveyed said they were paying to work, because their costs were greater than their earnings.

Understandably, this is quite a frustrating affair for anyone with nippers.

This echoes an earlier CBI suggestion that the government should give a bit more of a shit about, and extend childcare support for those with children around the one and two mark. The CBI employers' organisation said that this, and raising the threshold for National Insurance, would help raise family incomes and get more adults into work.

43% of the parents surveyed, who had children aged up to five, said they used childcare to enable them to go back to work.

According to The Family and Childcare Trust, the cost of childcare in the UK was £11,700 for an average family with one child in full-time nursery and one child in an afterschool club. Further to Avuva's survey of 2,000 parents with kids aged up to five, saw that the lower earner's wage was left with £243 a month, once they'd shelled out for childcare, commuting and all that sort of thing.

Louise Colley, protection director at Aviva, said: "[Our] findings paint a picture of a nation of parents struggling to keep their heads, and careers, above water in the face of rising childcare costs,"

The government claims - between thinking about legalising fox-hunting and shoving luxury flats everywhere - that it is doing more than its predecessors to tackle the cost of childcare.

But a recent report by the Pre-school Learning Alliance shaded this claim, and said that the government's free childcare scheme was facing "chronic underfunding".

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  • Joe P.
    Fucking cunting disgrace. Nobody in government could give a flying fuck as they send their results of inbreeding to publicly subsidized private schools and colleges. And not even a thank you. Just a "We are increasing income tax as my Rupert wants to take cello lessons next semester, so we need to build a music wing"!

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