Bush A Shoe-In For Turkish Business Awards

Glad to be seeing the back of George Bush next month? What if we told you that one of his final acts as President was to create a raft of new jobs? What’s more, it’s not even in the USA, with belies his image as a man with nothing but disdain for the rest of world.

The lucky workers are based in the Istanbul-based Baydan Shoe Company in Turkey and spend their days making Model 271, the very shoe that journalist Iraqi journalist Muntazar al-Zaidi hurled at the idiot President last week.

Baydan boss Ramazan Baydan reckons he’s had to take on another 100 staff to help churn out 300,000 extra pairs of the shoe, with orders flooding in from around the world.

Meanwhile, in spite of allegations that he’s been beaten and tortured since his arrest, journalist al-Zaidi has said that given the chance, he’d chuck his footwear at Dubya all over again. Go on there son!


  • Bob
    i hope when he comes out he'll do tv appearances and other things. Guys a legend.
  • Bob
    It may come as a surprise to some of you, but in actual fact most people in Iraq think the guy (who threw the shoes) is a complete twat..... because he behaved irrationally, exactly like those feral terrorist idiots who have been brainwashed into thinking what they are doing is right. Not all Iraqis are feral, terrorists or piss poor....and when stories like this come out of that country it puts them to shame because that is what people will now associate with Iraq. The guy did not just throw the shoes at bush...he threw them and his own president and deserves a kick up the ass IMO.
  • Haidar
    In response to Bob - I myself am an Iraqi (unlike yourself). Please do not speak for my people and country - most of us view him as an icon for what he did. The only shame is that he missed. What's more - we WISH he hit Maliki.
  • rugger t.
    it.missed him and hit the flag - bull's-eye !
  • Bo L.
    Dear George Bush (aka BOB), Take a hike boy (or DOG, as you are fondly known)... You must me really mentally retarded to believe that. But I guess in your own land of mentally challenged, DOGS are heroes. Less than two weeks to go boy, and down the garbage yard of history with you, boy. Tony bLIAR
  • Iqbal
    You have to feel sorry for the Ashkenazi who have been dumped right in the middle of these shoe throwers. But perhaps they are also the same - really there is no difference between an Ishmael and an Isaac, ask Madoff !!
  • Bob
    @ Haidar Who says I am not Iraqi? I am Iraqi...... but unlike certain Iraqis I do not view this guy as a hero because he threw a shoe at bush. He is a twat as far as I am concerned. I did not say anything about liking bush...bush is an abomination, but this so called "journalist" behaved like a feral animal and deserves a kick up the ass. That is my opinion and I stand by it. Actually I hope they beat some sense into him IMO. @ Bo LLlocks Grow up and get educated. Or better yet, do us all a favour and blow yourself up in a field where you can hurt no one but yourself. Then you can go to "paradise" with all the other dogs who think like you...because you are the real dogs and when you stand before your master on judgement day you will realise my words ring true. Cheers.
  • Kevin
    There is also talk that the shoes were actually made in Iraq, I remember that being one of the things in the first news reports from his brother, that he went out and chose them deliberately. So this turkish company is just lying.
  • Stacey K.
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