British Airways to cut routes from Gatwick

8 December 2008

For some time, we've been asking what airlines might do in the face of an economic recession. We were hoping it'd mean return flights across the Atlantic for the price of a cheap hooker suit, but it seems we may have an answer from BA. No sale. Curses. The company has announced plans to operate up to 15% fewer departures from Gatwick next summer, and the withdrawal of four aircraft from the site.

BA said in a statement:

"We are looking to reduce our ground operations staff at the airport by more than 100 people. We are committed to doing this voluntarily and aim to have a voluntary severance programme in place by the end of this year."

Now, when an airline's profits nosedive by over 90% in six months due to "incredibly difficult trading conditions" then something's got to give. Yet the news that BA is in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun, seems to have come as a shock to some. The GMB union said it was "surprised" at the announcement, and that up to 180 jobs may be at risk. What, surprised in a panto dame style, or when the plumber sees just how little work's required to charge you all that money? What will be a surprise is if BA are the only airline to begin reducing flights.


  • Mike H.
    Love it when companies say 'we are looking for voluntary redundancies', makes it look as though they actually give a shit about their staff over their bonus/salary, clunts
  • Mike H.
    Sorry, 'voluntary severance' sounds even kinder doesn't it? Just before Chrimbo, ooooh how kind are you BA? (and I don't mean no gold chain toting black dude in dungaries fool!)
  • Dan
    While BA may put deals on every so often, it is very much their opinion that they will not devalue their product.

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