Behold the £100 coin!

100 quid The Royal Mint has decided to make a coin worth £100 starring Big Ben, which is housed in the newly named Elizabeth Tower.

We can only assume it was named after Elizabeth Berkley from the brilliant Showgirls film.

There's only 50,000 of these coins manufactured and of course, like all Royal Mint coins, it'll feature the Queen on them, looking as cheerful as ever.

For those who care about such things, the coin contains two whole ounces of silver and are 1.6in in diameter.

And how much to buy one of these coins?

Well, they're being sold at face value for £100 and can be purchased from The Royal Mint's website. If you've got a spare hundred quid, it'd be worth getting one as you'll definitely be able to sell it for more than you paid on eBay in the coming months.

The coins are official legal tender, should you want to show off and buy a round of drinks for everyone down the pub with a solitary coin... but seriously... if you get one, sell it. People go crazy for this kind of thing.

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  • Jack M.
    Thanks Mof just bought 11 for investment purposes. Looking at fleabay peeps trying it on at £300.00 per coin WTF! Going to put an ad on Fleabay now where to buy at £100.00 Let's see how quickly it gets taken down...

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