BBC plunges UK economy into recession 3 hours after recovery

At Bitterwallet we've made our living over the past year by propagating idle speculation and wild gossip. But even we can't hold a candle to the BBC, who this morning raised the spirits of a nation by declaring the UK economy was on the road to recovery, only to drag us back into "the longest recession on record" three hours later.

0814 - "Figures due later are expected to show that the UK economy grew slightly from July to September, meaning the recession is over":

Bitterwallet - hooray! No more recession!

1136 - "The UK economy unexpectedly contracted by 0.4% between July and September, according to official figures, meaning the country is still in recession":

Bitterwallet - Boo! Longest recession ever! Boo!


  • tits
    yeah we're all fucked? what's new?
  • KC
    ROFL...oh BBC, what will you do next?
  • theworldischangin
    BBC=propoganda Never forget Ossetia
  • Jassen
    BBC are a steaming pile of dog shit, I want my license fee money back.
  • The B.
    I think the key word is unexpectedly.
  • Paul
    In fairness, it wasn't just the BBC, everything I watched was on about this this morning. I dislike this "pre-news" crap anyway... IE "The Chancellor is expected to announce..." Just wait until he DOES announce, THEN it is news.
  • ... W.
    To those of you who moan about the BBC, go abroad and watch their sh*tty tv. You will be begging for the beeb after a week of it i promise you!
  • Ty
    Yeah the BBC gave us the BNP well worth spent seeing a schoolground bully talk crap about his dad in WW2.
  • Bullet
    @ T. Wells Why Whats on?? I would gladly do without the BBC, they are highway robbers, everything else that costs me money is through choice like if I want to run a car I must get Road tax and Insurance and a valid MOT, but with the telly there is no choice, BBC probably make up 1% of the telly I watch, Match of the day and that is it, the rest is Sky but do I have a choice in opting out if I dont want to watch them............Nooooooooooooo.
  • Rk
    I don't see a problem here. The reports are both correct. Most people expected the news to be good, but it turned out it wasn't. How else would they report that? It seems like the reader's fault for treating speculation as gospel, and the first article makes it quite clear it's expert speculation. In fact the whole first article (for those that read it rather than just looking at the screencap) is presenting information from various sources trying to predict what the report would say. This is Paul Smith's error, not the BBC's.
  • Greynerd
    This is a bit unfair on the BBC. Virtually all the eggspurts forecast a recovery. The survivors are all having a jolly fun time in the city and just cannot see what all the fuss is about.
  • zeddy
    BBC is good value for money. After watching ITV for 20 minutes they owed ME £5000
  • Kevin
    Read the articles, they are accurate. Whats the problem?
  • Mr. B.
    If you do not like what the BBC transmits, do not pay the fee. It's so simple. It's a civil matter. The police do not want to get involved. The only way they get to prosecute you is if you sign their (BBC TV inspector) statement, which incriminates yourself. Oh, and you do not have to let them in. Go here, and read this.
  • zeddy
    Hmmm, they would find more support if they could actually fucking spell, Mr Baliff.

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