Are UK tech prices about to rocket?

If you've been to Europe in the past few weeks, you'll have returned wishing to call the Police about a nagging sensation of being mugged on a daily basis. If you went to Barcelona, you probably were. The pound has collapsed against the Euro, and it's not shaping up too well against any other currency right now. The result is not only having to pay a fiver for a pint of Stella in Spain, but the in-store cost of electronics is slowly creeping up.

The high value of the Yen in particular, is forcing manufacturers to raise their UK retail prices. TechRadar cites the prices of Denon products as examples of what is to come. Denon's new DVD-1800BD Blu-ray player, which was slated to be sold at £600, has risen in price to £700; the Denon DVD-3800BD deck had a RRP of £1,600 in November and is now nearly £2,000.

TechRadar also points to Sony's XEL-1, an 11-inch TV that uses organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, available from Japan and the US online from under £1,500. To pre-order one in UK, you'll find yourself paying the thick end of £3,489. It's also worth remembering that back in December, Sony were considering raising the wholesale price of the UK products by a full third. Yikes.



  • Codify
    Look at the "Stop Press" heres:
  • Khrest
    This is true. I recently sold secondhand an 18 month old CANON lens which I bought for £700 originally. The current retail price of them is over £850, a 20% rise in RRP over the last 6 months due presumably to the dollar rate.
  • Edam
    While I think that exchange rates definitely have an effect, I think a lot is still down to 'rip-off Britain'. Anyone who has ever imported games or a console from abroad knows that high UK proces are often subsidising low prices in the US or Japan. Before the crunch this country was full of mugs who would pay massively inflated prices for goods that much cheaper elsewhere. I was watching Something for the Weekend a couple of weeks ago and one of the gadgets they had was a pen with a usb spy camera in it. They said it was available for £75. You can get the same thing delivered from DealExtreme in Hong Kong for £15 all in.
  • Jim
    Edam You can't compare shop prices in UK to buying direct from USA or China. Yes they cost pennies to make, but rip off britain starts with council tax for shops being extortionate, high rents, electric bills etc.. These are all dirt cheap in the USA, not to mention price of fuel. Labour cost of warehouse staff and drivers is also much higher in UK. Lets all take pay cuts to US levels then maybe we can expect cheaper prices. It's swings and roundabouts, we have cheap income tax in UK compared to parts of Europe. As for the article, only high end stuff is mentioned, bumping up prices for early adopters is nothing new. I can't see your average TV, computer monitor or video game going up significantly. The cheaper stuff will just pile up in warehouses and be worthless next year, as we've seen with LCD TVs. Let em put the prices up, we don't really need any of that stuff anyway.
  • DL
    Yup -as Khrest says camera kit is up 20-25% since Christmas :-( Can't see why they've bothered, I know about half a dozen folk that have decided not to buy, so sales will be sinking.
  • jasp
    Silly people. The Yen has strengthed against all other currencies by 23% in 5 months!. It's crippled Sony and all Japanese companies. Sony are forecasting a $3billion loss this fiscal. The price rises will HAVE to happen in most territories not just the UK.
  • Kevin
    Well yes they might think that they need to put the prices up but don't they realise that this just means less people will be buying? I'm not going to the US this year as prices are at least 1/3 more than the same time last year.
  • Christopher
    Yes. They're already rising. DRAM prices are up, general imports are up, and almost every item I planned on (and did) purchase in Jan is now more expensive (PC cases, PSUs, DDR, motherboards...).
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