Amazon to create 1,000 jobs in Manchester

amazon-logo Amazon are going to open a new centre in Manchester, later on this year, which is going to create 1,000 jobs. These roles will be filled over the next few years, and there'll be jobs going for those who work in engineering, human resources, and various computery things.

This is all part of a UK recruitment drive from Amazon, who are bringing a total of 2,500 new jobs in the UK in 2016. As well as the new place in Manchester, there's going to be a new centre in Coalville, Leicestershire.

Amazon's vice president of UK operations, John Tagawa, said the jobs are going to have "competitive wages and comprehensive benefits starting on day one". Permanent staff will be on £7.20 an hour, as minimum.

Staff will also get stock grants, which have been averaging at £1,000 a year, per person, which is not too shabby. There'll also be private medical insurance, employee discounts, and a company pension. However, some of the news stories about the intensity of working for Amazon might still put a number of people off.

Either way, good news for those looking for work.

Amazon of course, are really pushing on of late, and it looks like Amazon Fresh is going to become a reality soon enough, and there's the whole drone delivery services too.


  • Nadia
    "Permanent staff will be on £7.20 an hour, as minimum." I don't think you'll be able to legally go lower than that from April 1st.
  • Pie M.
    Hundreds of job application posts from mouth breathers imminent...
  • Andrezj
    Yes please i would like job as pie muncher yes i am very hard worker my phone is [number deleted].

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