A picture is worth a thousand words, not $233.95 - even if it's of a spider

When Van Gogh found himself short of a few bob, all he had to do was knock up a few paintings of flowers (even himself, if he can't be bothered to leave the house) and he was soon coining it in*. Rolf Harris could probably to rustle up a few quid too. Not so sure about Neil Buchanan from Art Attack, though.

* not strictly true

Meanwhile the rest of us poor, talentless saps have little chance of paying the bills with paint splashed across canvas or other low-quality artistic endeavours, but it doesn't stop us trying. Take David Thorne's effort to pacify his chiropractor:


  • bfsdfs
    as if bg1s head couldnt get ANY bigger...........
  • bod
    I thought that you credited the original poster when you lifted stuff straight off hukd.
  • Paul S.
    Hi bod - it wasn't "lifted" off HUKD. If it's appeared on there, its probably because it's gone viral.
  • Jason
    The original is at http://www.27bslash6.com/overdue.html This is just linkjacking. And it is was a chiropractor, not a friggin bank.
  • Black G.
    haahah brb influencing Bitter wallet
  • ODB
    - Taken from HUKD - No mention of BG1 - Profit - ?????
  • Paul S.
    If the source had been HUKD, we'd have stated so - as we always do. In this instance, it wasn't; it was actually a man called Raul from Queens in New York. Just to clear up any misunderstanding.
  • Black G.
    no worrries Paul mane, its all good mane!
  • roosta
    I read it ages before it was posted on HUKD, as the OP obviously read it somewhere else to be able to post it on HUKD doh!!!!
  • Strike
    Its BG1's thread mate. At least credit the g33z3r
  • Black G.
    ye brah. i am a world superstar innit brah? i have about tree fiddy bg1 fans because i am a superstar. innit? brah? stop the playa h4ting mane. i iz bg1 brah. brah. mane. tree fiddy. nah. profit? no because i cant. tree fiddy?
  • Paul S.
    The guy who originally wrote the email has been in contact and we've credited him. I picked it up as a viral mail while on another continent, so let's just draw a line under it all there, eh?
  • Linda H.
    I tried the same thing on a bill, but my drawing was a fly on a wall, and it worked!
  • hahaha
    not bg1's work
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