Wonga to pay out £10million over fake law firms

wonga ladies Remember when Wonga sent out a load of threatening letters from fake law firms?

Well, they were soon told off and it was estimated that the payday loan company would have to cough-up £2.6m in fines.

Well, turns out that it is a bit more than that, with the lender now being asked for the princely sum of £10 MILLION.

That means that Wonga's annual profits have dipped by 53% to £39.7million.

All in all, this debacle has cost Wonga nearly £19million, which serves 'em right for being underhand, the shithouses.

There's been an estimated £2.6million in payouts to 45,000 customers too, which were agreed with the people at the Financial Conduct Authority.

Maybe Wonga's puppet nanas will get the sack now and they'll have to see if there's any jobs going at the Gran Factory where they knit everyone's Shreddies.

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  • Andrew H.
    Deep joy..but they should be pushed into debt themselves, £10 million is not enough to a firm as wealthy as them. As well as robbing the young, they insult the elderly with their puppets.

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