Loans getting their act together

stock_payday_loans A new short term loans provider reckons its one of the first to offer a lower rate, in this post Financial Conduct Authority world.

Basically, people will still need loans - we as a society are not quite out of that hole yet - but it's probably wiser to get them through someone a bit nicer and less harassy than the others.

However, with the FCA now breathing down their necks after the price cap regulations announced in November, loan companies have had to step up and leave their grim reputation behind or face being ended.

Mr Lender has invested in systems to make sure that all customers can upgrade to the new improved terms.

Essentially you're being upgraded from some form of engagement that involved up to 600 calls a day and creepy types parked outside your house, to something a little more legal.

Adam Freeman, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mr Lender said: "As a responsible lender, we welcome the changes brought by the FCA."

"Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. As a proactive and innovative business, we wanted to roll out a lower interest rate as early as possible and we've worked hard to make it happen.

"So from today customers can borrow from us at the lower, daily interest rate of 0.8%, or in monetary terms 80 pence a day per £100 borrowed."

Jesus he goes on a bit: "The new regulations will bring a lot more clarity to the short-term lending market which can only be a good thing; both for customers who will be able to easily and fully understand the cost of borrowing, and for lenders who will need to be a lot more transparent about their charges."

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