Deathwatch: End of the road for Focus DIY

retail deathwatch Sadly, it looks as though the Focus DIY dream is finally at an end. An announcement is expected to be made today stating that the remaining 120 Focus stores are to close, with the imminent loss of 3,000 jobs.

focusstorepicThe DIY chain went into administration a few weeks ago, and although some stores were sold to Wickes and B&Q owners Kingfisher, the vast majority will trade for another month before closing for good.

The administrators have handed the stores over to liquidators and the stores will trade for a month in an attempt to raise cash and pay off creditors. Which could mean major reductions and bargains galore for shoppers. If they can face up to buying those bargains from morose sales dole-bound sales assistants.


  • Delenn
    Sad to see people losing their jobs. Any idea which of the stores has been sold to which of the 3 purchasers?
  • Alexis
    If you buy anything over £100 put it on a credit card. If you buy anything under £100 put it on a Visa Debit Card. Then you're covered if the item breaks under either s75 or Visa Debit Chargeback. Because otherwise, you'll have no recourse. Maybe this should be added to the article?
  • matt
    well the other day i went into the Wymondham Focus branch and talked with a friend who said that that branch is closing as no one has bought it and they recon theres only a few weeks left before the doors close for good. thou theres still not much on reductions majority of the good stuff has gone now so it's leaving the odds and ends in some departments and as for the display stuff the most i have seen reduced was 60% off a display kitchen or about 30% of that off a wardrobe woth a damged shelf and a door thats on the piss. it will be interesting to see what happens to the remains that public don't want.

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