Deathwatch: Are Crocs finally about to come a cropper?

Never mind undated 20p pieces – if you’ve got a pair of Crocs in the house, put them away in a vacuum bag and store them somewhere safe for the next 20 years, because they’re on the brink or becoming relics.

Like deely-boppers and CB radio, the hateful shoe’s time has been and gone, and the company that invented them and made them famous is sinking into the mire as a result. The chancers at the Croc corporation lost $185.1 million last year and laid off approximately 2,000 people as they struggled to battle against rising debt.

But the end looks in sight – they’ve got a huge surplus of the unwanted foot helmets and about two months to clear their debt. As investment fund manager Damon Vickers told The Washington Post”: “The company's toast. They're zombie-ish. They're dead and they don't know it.”

Maybe it all went wrong when they got Don King to advertise for them? Or maybe there’s some life left in the brand – after all, actor Laurence Fishburne has been spotted wearing some recently (pic above). Oh, hang on, he’s shuffling around in them like some kind of psychiatric patient. Not a great look.

So carefully store away your Crocs because one day in the future, addled nostalgia goons are almost certain to pay top dollar for a pair of the originals. Or we could all don masks and have a big toxic bonfire for them. The shoes that is, not the addled nostalgia goons. Oh, whatever, it’s up to you.


  • Dave S.
    Bit of a fat little shit now isn't he eh, Fishburne?
  • Geoff J.
    What a croc of shit?
  • Joff
    I blame the scores of fake Crocs. Mocks.
  • Stephen K.
    Shame, but they did priced themselves out of the market. My cheap Walmart versions are great and they were in a sale at $3 a pair. I wear them all the time after work.
  • Brian
    GBP30 for Crocs? They're all loony.

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