Commercial Break: why it pays to give a hoot about your PPI claim

Every single one of us might be sitting on a potential claim worth THOUSANDS of pounds over PPI mis-selling. It’s true because all those adverts for PPI claim companies say so. But what should you look for when you’re choosing one of them to help you claw back your money?

You need one that displays wisdom. You need an owl. An owl that lives in a tree trunk full of money. And that doesn't even need to see your paperwork, presumably because it's got some kind of magical owl ESP and knows exactly what you signed up for. Once you've seen this, why would you align yourself with a PPI claim company that ISN'T represented by an owl? Why??


  • Nikey H.
    Andy, da fuq mate ? Bored ?
  • Alan
    or do it yourself with a simple letter and save their charges or better still don't have bought PPI in the first place because you read the contract properly and unticked that box

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