A cut-out-and-keep guide to bailiffs

Some things we've learnt today:

  • you can set up our own bailiff company as a franchise, a snip at £20,000
  • Bailiffs 'R' Us are experts in taking action against businesses owing rent that's just one day overdue

- Bailiffs 'R' Us is operated by 1st Class Bailiffs Ltd: "...no person at 1st Class Bailiffs Ltd is legally qualified to give any such legal advice... this includes any advice given on bailiff matters."


  • Paul
    Another new contributor? That website makes my eyes bleed.
    Alexa is definitely the sexiest member of the bitterwallet team.
  • The B.
    Isn't Alexa a virus?
  • Brian
    Bailiffs are scum.
  • charitynjw
    Deer sur I am a brainlless moron wiv an IQ of minus somefink or uvver. I wear a badly-fitting suit & drive a motor wiv a go-faster stripe down the sides. I look like a gurrilla. Gissa job, mate. (Reply) Sorry, your application has not been successful, as you are obviously overqualified for this post. We suggest you apply for a job as a traffic warden.
  • Bailiff P.
    Interesting posts, i have been a Bailiff for 7 years, i speak 4 languages and have a degree in social psychology, not quite a 'gurilla' wouldn't you agree?
  • shab
    Chritynjw I do not find your post funny and it is shows your predudice I think it is very wrong to judge someone on what they do for a living or the colour of their skin, race, sex , age or relgion. Some bailiffs I am sure are thugs but I would imagine most of them to be ordinary people doing a difficult job. I am a muslim but that does not make me a terrorist

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