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Titanic12 Potatoes! A jigsaw! Money! A signed photo of James Bond! They’re just some of the things that have been nestled away within the pages of today’s newspapers, and collated by rampant HotUKDeals member nicster08. Apart from the James Bond thing – that’s clearly ridiculous.

SAVE - £5 OFF when you spend £40 - redeem at Morrisons

FREE - 2kg bag of seed potatoes - redeem at Homebase
FREE - Crabtree & Evelyn Soap - redeem at Crabtree & Evelyn

FREE - Titanic jigsaw - redeem at WHSmith
FREE - Titanic souvenir magazine

**MAIL ON SUNDAY £1.50**
SAVE - 20% off lingerie - redeem at

FREE - McVities Boasters cookies - redeem at Londis & Budgens
FREE - OK! Extra magazine

FREE - Money inside?

**SUNDAY TIMES £2.20**
FREE - Two Alton Towers tickets - token collect


  • Biff W.
    lick my shit
  • The B.
    Wrong website, go to google and type "scat", that should get you started, I'm sure you'll meet many new friends with simlar interests.
  • Boris
    Indeed Biff. Please try to uphold community standards of taste and decency.
  • Chain F.
    Wasn't there somebody that used to post here that said they shit bananas.
  • Mary H.
    Not that cunt nicestor again. Nothing better in his sad little waste of a life than to post shite deals no one gives a shit about, trying to impress people and hopefully meet up for an awkward ~HUKD get together. What a wanker.
  • Prince Y.
    But...what we really want to know is "Who is Sam?" I have seen their name bouncing around on the other message boards, but this Sam doesn't seem to surface themselves. I am even unsure of the gender of this "Sam". Is it that chap who is hanging round with Al and chatting away to Ziggy.
  • Boris B.
    Anyone for tennis ?
  • nicestor08
    Yes a massive twat am I, sad little life, all I have is to post crap deals on HUKD in the hope that someone, somewhere will like me...
  • ;-)
  • Mike H.
    ^^ Dick head ^^

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