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fireworks Uh oh… FREE FIREWORKS! Yep, that’s just one of the special offers that can be found within the pages of today’s newspapers, although arguably the most lethal (unless you smother someone with the double duvet). As ever, thanks to avid HotUKDeals member nicster08 for putting these together…

FREE - Fireworks worth £30 when you spend £15 on fireworks - redeem at Sainsbury's. The ones in the picture might not be the same as the ones you get.
FREE - 2-4-1 curry at over 1,000 restaurants.

**DAILY STAR 50p**
FREE - Muffin - redeem at Greggs.
FREE - Fireworks worth £30 when you spend £15 on Fireworks - redeem at Sainsbury's.

**THE SUN 60p**
FREE - Lego - Harry Potter "Trolley Toy" - redeem at WH Smith or Toys R Us (thanks to Lardytugboat)

**DAILY MAIL 90p**
FREE - Double duvet worth £49.99 - collect 35 tokens.

FREE - Judith Miller's Guide to Antiques Part 1.
FREE – Award-winning Star Jasmine plant - send away offer - p&p required.

Hotels for £10 at Days Inn.

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  • Fool o.
    I hope I don't get the fireworks in the fireworks in the picture. Nothing more boring than used fireworks.

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