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26 May 2012

barbecue Normally on a Saturday, avid HotUKDeals user nicster08 bombards us with a carefully-collated list of freebies and offers from the day’s newspapers. Not today though – he’s been doing something FAR MORE CONSTRUCTIVE.

It’s the UK’s unofficial Barbecue Weekend and in order to help you get the best BBQ for your buck, he’s put together a list of all the best deals for everything you might need to make your outdoor meat-undercooking session go with a mildly poisonous bang. Here it is…

12 Burgers, 24 Sausages, 36 White Baps & a bottle of Ketchup for £10 (posted by lowrieh1!)
Medium White Baps 18 pack £1
J 20 4 x 275ml (All Varieties) £1.99

[BBQ Meat Packs - £2.79 each, Any 2 for £5
Perfect for BBQs and parties.
4 Quarter Pounder Beef Burgers 454g £6.15/kg, Chinese Style Pork Steaks 445g £6.27/kg, Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings 700g £3.99/kg, Sweet Chilli Chicken Mini Fillets 250g £11.16/kg. Serving suggestion.]

Irn Bru 8 x 330ml Includes Sugar Free £1.80
Pimms 1litre £10
British Sirloin Steak £14 per KG
British Top Rump/Topside/Silverside Joints £6.66 per KG
Fresh Cream & Lemon Muffins 2 pack 82p
1Litre spirits including Gordon's & Smirnoff £15 each

Healthy Living Chicken breast fillets 515g £3
Quorn, Cauldron and Linda McCartney BOGOF various prices (thanks to ScampiLamp)
Iceberg Lettuce, Cucumber, Celery & Radish 240g pack 50p each
Tomatoes on the vine £1
Big selection of fresh BBQ meats £3.50 BOGOF
Big selection of frozen BBQ meats £2 or 3 for £5
Carlsberg 30 X 440Ml £16
Various beer 10/12packs 2 for £17
Pimm's No.1 1 Litre £12
Selection of 70cl spirits 2 for £23
Coca Cola 8x330ml £3.85 BOGOF
Doritos/ dips £1.98 BOGOF
Maryland Big And Chunky Gb Summer Cookie 200G £1
Selection of bite size nibbles & BBQ meats half price
Walls magnum 3pk £1.24
Strawberries 400g £1.99

Bulmers Original 568ml x8 £6.89
Bulmers Pear 8x568ml £6.89
Sainsbury's Aberdeen Angus Quarter Pounders, Taste the Difference x4 454g 2 FOR £5
Various Taste the difference Burgers, Bacon & Sausages 2 for £5 of 3 for £6
Sainsbury's Blanc De Blancs Brut NV Champagne 75cl £14.99
Various meats £4 each or 3 for £10
Various Butchers choice sausages 8pk 2 for £3
Lettuce 59p
Various nibbles/ platters 2 for £4 or 6 for £10
Sainsbury's Bacon & Cheese Quiche 400g £1
Snack pork pies x4 £2.14, Cocktail Sausages x20 £1.39, Snack sausage rolls x20 £1.42 BUY ONE GET ONE FREE
Various 15pack beers 2 for £19
Various wines 3 for £12
Walls magnum 3pk £1.24

Jersey Royal Potatoes 1kg £1
Carlsberg 30 X 440Ml £15
Big selection of BBQ meats at £2 a pack
Coca Cola 2litre 2 for £2
Tropicana 1.4L £2
Bakery rolls 4/6pk 2 for £1
Bakery White Baps 24pk £1.87
Walkers Ruffles 150g 2 for £3.50

Fresh British Beef Rump Steak - 400g Pack £3.59
Fresh British Diced Chicken Breast - 375g Pack £2.39
Jeeves 1litre £5.99
Pepsi Regular or Tango Cherry 6x330ml £1.39

Cucumber, Tomatoes 6pk, Mango, Spring Onions 125g, Baking Potatoes 4pk - 39p each (thanks to jensangel)

50 piece BBQ Family Feast Pack £5
25 piece Bumper BBQ Selection Pack £5
1.65kg Marinated Chicken Drumsticks £5
1.65kg American Style Chicken Drumsticks £5
Hot & Spicy Chicken Breast Fillets £5
1.5kg Summer Wings & Ribs Pack £5
1kg Summer Chicken Wings £3
10 Garlic & Herb King Prawn Kebabs £3
14 Chicken Satay Selection £3
8 Chilli & Lime Chicken Kebabs £3
9 Mini Steak Burgers £3


  • Chewbacca
    I'm just posting something sensible before those two fucking wanks fake vibeone and Mike Hock start their pish. BW - It's ruining your site. Do something about them, seriously.
  • Sicknote
    Yummy, Iceland food - just what I need to shovel down the gullets of defenceless children. Have some self respect you total fuckers, you know why this meat costs less than dog food - don't you..?....because it's dog food and you're feeding it to your kids...
  • Spencer
    Sicknote is spot on with this. Frozen processed meats are just about as cheap as it gets... for a reason. I dare you to look into some of the ingredients in a cheap pork sausage... aside from mechanically recovered meat and skin, the pork slurry they use is made up of organs, connective tissue etc... as well as pig face, trotters etc... it is literally the remains of the carcass... mixed with fat, fillers and preservative... if you want to shove that down your kids throats then... well...
  • Avon B.
    I'm with Chewie. That Mike Hock/vibeone shit just means I visit BW less. I love this site and its funny, often offensive comments. It's why I come here. But please BW, block any posts from their IPs, or anybody who tries to start something similar. It's a serious bore.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Iceland 50 pieces of meat for £5. Where have they sourced the meat from Syria?
  • Shaniaa
    a fucking love Iceland, If its edible then what tha fuck you crying for? We cannae all afford ti buy carrots and apples grown in some posh cunts garden picked especially for you for 5000x the cost!!1!
  • The B.
    No ta, although Pimms for a tenner might make me pop to Morrison's. Making burgers today, mince, egg, chilli, garlic, onion, et voila, burgers, slap it in a ciabatta, sorted. And yes, the Mike/Vibe thing is a pain in the hole.
  • Andy D.
    Chewie/Avon - your comments have been noted. Thanks. Andy
  • vibeone
    And yes, the Mike/Vibe thing is annoying, but that's not Andy Dawson above that's a fake Andy Dawson. The BW crew don't comment any more and they use the BW homepage as their website which comes up in their names as a link. Tit-heads.
  • Rumplestiltskin
    People who shop at Waitrose clearly don't have BBQs. Perhaps they just lightly sauté a poor person. Second thoughts, perhaps they don't. Poor people don't tend to be organic, ethically sourced or are reared humanely.
  • Mary H.
    And you wonder why Britain is getting fat?
  • Shaniaa
    naw a didnae wonder why britain is getting fat, y u askin?
  • Mary H.
    It's OK, scotchland isn't included in 'Great' Britain* now. The union flag looks better 'white' 'n' red. *Britain isn't actually great it's shite.
  • Mary H.
    I expect that fat bint that was extracted from her house via a hole in the wall and taken to the ambulance via a scafold bridge to the delightful taxpayers tune of over £100'000 had taken nicestor08's list of deals a little too seriously.
  • cunt c.
    Butter nut cunts

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