What would Jesus do? Book a room at Hotel du Vin for a tenner

A cracking Easter deal from one of the freshest and best hotel chains in the country has jut plopped through the email letterbox, so we thought we better tell you about it quick-sharp:

Hotel du Vin are offering rooms tomorrow or Easter Monday night for just £10, when you dine in their bistro on the evening. There's a small catch - the minimum spend in the bistro is £75 - but the food is magnificent, and the hotels are receiving praise from all quarters.

£85 for two of you to stuff yourself sick on fine food and drink, and then stay a night in the lap of luxury? Bargain, we say. And there's nothing like a spontaneous break away this weekend to light the fires of passion and get you some yankee doodle.

[Hotel du Vin]


  • MinstrelMan
    who the fuck says yankee doodle as a substitue word for rockin' the casbah eh paul? I mean jeez, is this the 50's?
  • Amanda H.
    who the fuck says rockin’ the casbah as a substitute word for hiding the sausage eh MinstrelMan? I mean jeez, is this the 80’s?
  • MinstrelMan
    its not the 80's? fuck....... I hope my current look is still in fashion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFGzGfym-7Y
  • Noel L.
    Who the fcuk says " hiding the sausage?" ehh, Surely it is drinking from the furry cup in this the new millennium age!
  • MinstrelMan
    they probably would but oral sex and intercourse are too completly acts, bless the uneducated scousers....... i had a pop up book that tought me everything i needed to know, as i'm almost married i dont get it anymore so happy to pass it on, £5 inc postage via paypal gift?
  • Noel L.
    Ahhh bless....a Manc that thinks a yankee doodle, and rocking the casbah must obviously mean having intercourse!!!! Open your tiny mind to the world! Almost married! I would keep hold of the book just in case.
  • MinstrelMan
    you missed out "hiding the sausage" Seen as you got trounced in your feeble attmepts to unite the misc factions against a football team though an obviously flawed arguement, I wish you better luck here, no really i do. oh by the way: deffinition number 5: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Rock%20the%20Casbah or http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=rock+the+cashbox me and my tiny mind eh? Oh well, one day you may experience one of above sensations without the having to pay for it, announce it on misc and we'll throw you a hellium balloon party with jelly and fizzy pop.
  • Noel L.
    I think there is a slight difference between casbah and cashbox me thinks!!! Urban dictionary!!! My arent we "down with the kids!!!" Mind you...your prob just out of nappies yourself
  • Mike H.
    Stop arguing over who is more 'street' Thanks, It'll be nice to get away from the mrs for the weekend, now, which mistress to take...

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