Tesco don't sell Carlsberg for 27p a can. But if they did...

Yesterday, it was the insanity of getting mullered on four cans of Skol for less than a quid. Too down-market for your palette? Fair enough.

So today, for high-brow connoisseurs of continental hangover juice, the news that until Sunday, Tesco are selling an 18 pack of Carlsberg Export 275 ml bottles for £5. That's 27 pence a bottle.

Thanks to d. hackett on HUKD for posting this staggeringly good deal, who also adds this nugget of info:

"If your local store is out of stock, ask at Customer Services for a Raincheck voucher. Means they'll honour the promo price when they get the item back in, even if the price increases."


  • LTQ
    "Tesco are selling an 18 pack of Carlsberg Export 275 ml *bottles* for £5. That’s 27 pence a* can*." Something is wrong with this sentence.
  • Paul S.
    You're dead right. I was halfway through a box of the stuff (costing only £2,50, maths fans) when I realised I was referring to the bottles as cans. I need a lie down. excuse me.
  • dontdothatagain
    Good deal...
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