Quidco’s hottest cashback deals of the week

Bitterwallet - Quidco dealsNo beating around the weekly bush of cashback offers - here's a small-but-perfectly-formed list of the best cashback offers available right now on Quidco.

In fact, we've been so slick in getting straight to the deals this week, we haven't even bothered with the obligatory second sentence to introduce them:

All Saints - there's 25% off plus free delivery + 15% cashback at until 5th December

Vodafone - £15 per month 12 month SIM Only (600 minutes / unlimited texts) + £110 cashback (saving you 61%)

Microsoft Store the cashback for the Kinect has doubled to 20%, which means the price is effectively £104 with cashback


  • PokeHerPete
    The Kinect deal sounds good, thats if youre willing to wait 7 years for your cashback...
  • PokeHerPete
    Also LOL @ All Saints prices. Even with the 25% off, its still overpriced crap which you associate with chavs who buy this stuff with their dole cheque or filthy curly haired students who waste their student loan on this. Either way, scum. I feel really bitter today!
  • Spencer
    ((15x12) - 110) = £70.. or £5.80 a month. This strikes me as a very good deal indeed.
  • yak
    dont forget best buy ipod touchs
  • zeddy
    TopCashBack deals are just as good if not better. Discuss.
  • shinkyshonky
    poke her pete...you are bitter I can see
  • fra
    why is this "best value" site so biased towards Quidco who fail to offer the best value cashback to users??? There are other cashback websites, that offer fairer t&cs and better value to shoppers (and no annual admin fees).
  • dank
    Quidco: the cashback equivalent of scurvy and about as much fun as choking to deal with.
  • Steve O.
    Plus, no Kinects in stock on Microsoft's site, so good luck making the most of that suggested deal.

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