Post Chrimbo Pressie: Monkey Journey To The West Show @ O2 Arena For Just £5

For those of you who enjoyed complimentary tickets to Afrika! Afrika! a few months back may be glad to know of another bargain deal at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, London.

Make up for a late xmas with £5 tickets (reduced from £28/£60) by taking your family and friends to watch Monkey: Journey To The West. The 400 year-old tale, according to, combines an ancient tale that is  "old and new, sight and sound, East and West".

Tickets directly from start from £10 to £30 (+ booking fee £2), with matinee performance times tomorrow and Friday at 15:00, and at 13:00 on Sunday. There is also currently a 17:30 show on Sunday, with tickets for just £5 directly from Ticketmaster (thanks to Lapster from MSE)

However, do note that the Jubilee line closes from midnight tonight until Monday, so make sure you have a way to get there.  Also try to get seats in block C + H, as they apparently have the best views available.  If you've seen the show, let us know what you think.  Carpool this Sunday, anyone?

[Ticketmaster via MSE]


  • tay
    I went and watched this on 21st Dec and it was thoroughly enjoyable for £5, i dont know how impressed i would have been if i had paid £60 though,? The visuals were stunning (i have liked Jamie Hewlett since he illustrated the senseless things record covers), not sure about the music ??
  • ODB
    Vince...seriously...WTF is going on with your name????
  • jay
    why was this not put on the hotukdeals website?

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