"Mine's A Twenty-Fiver. I Got It Buy It Now For £2"

It’s conker season again. Ah, conker season. So evocative for those of us of the adult persuasion. Takes you back to leafy autumnal days rooting through woodland for horse chestnuts doesn't it? Once you'd got them home you could bake them, soak them in vinegar or any other of a number of different conker-toughening methods in your bid to become the playground champion.

For some of us who now have kids of our own, we're lucky enough to be able to recreate that golden era as we help our own offspring to find their first conkers, passing on those unusual conker-hardening methods from one generation to the next like some kind of folklore.

Or we could just get them off eBay. Modern life is rubbish isn’t it?

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