HUKD: 12 month online subscription to many magazines FREE

In an effort to go green, online publishers Zinio created The Read Green Initiative, a program that explores going green by the use of digital reading.

Magazines include Popular Science, PC Magazine, Readers Digest, Shutter Bug, U.S. News... heck, even Playboy and Penthouse. Maybe Hefner and Guccione do care about global warming after all.

But HUKD user bruffterman did point out, "not really sure how 'green' it is if you have to have your computer running full pelt while you're reading it." Good point, man.

However, the idea still remains slightly more environmentally friendly than that of, say, the paper greeting cards on Season 4 of The Apprentice made to 'save the environment'. Especially not with the amazing sales pitch of Mr. Kevin "I drive a porsche" Shaw.

Sign up now to Zinio by clicking here, you get a free annual subscription to a magazine of your choice. All you need is an email address. Some HUKDers even pointed out that you can subscribe to multiple magazines using different email addresses. (Thanks HUKD member, Ruffkit!)

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