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Good afternoon. As many of you probably know, Good Friday was actually named after Sir Robert Good-Friday, the patron saint of comedy DVD box sets*.

With that in mind, here are three of the finest and cheapest comedy DVD box sets available on his special day, courtesy of HotUKDeals

Penned by Graham Linehan, one half of the Father Ted creative duo, The IT Crowd has become one of the most reliable laugh-bringers to Friday nights on Channel 4. Possibly because the dreaded Horne and Corden have never been anywhere near it.

All 3 series have been entombed in this box set for your delight – and for only £16.99, you’d be as mad as the idiots who commissioned Horne & Corden’s sketch show if you miss out. More info here.

Rolling back in time, but keeping the fuuny-meter on the brink of bursting apart, we move on to a 9-DVD box set of silent comedy genius Will Hay. A genius because his silent comedy films contained dialogue.

Wait, we might have confused ‘silent comedy’ with ‘black and white’ there – because we’re idiots. Hey ho. Films like ‘Oh Mr Porter’, ‘Ask A Policeman’ and ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ are in the collection and it’s only £8.99. So what are you waiting for?

Finally, if you like your comedy a little more crude and with teenagers having awkward sex with freshly-baked pastries, the American Pie box set is probably right up your alleyway.

All six (they did six!?!) of the movies are neatly housed together in this collection which can be had for just £12.28. Bonanza! Sir Robert, wherever you are, we salute you on your special day…
(deals found by edi and amibees)

*Fact may not contain accuracy

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