HotUKDeals Of The Day - Whatever Day It Is 2nd January

Happy New Year from HotUKDeals Of The Day. Luckily for all of us, the bargains are like roadworks or Graham Norton – they never fucking well quit.

Here’s the sharpest tools in the discount bin today, in conjunction with the sharp kiddies from HotUKDeals.

We’ve just looked in the Bitterwallet fridge. Having not been to the shops for about 10 days, it makes for pretty grisly viewing. The best thing in there is a yellow pepper that has got Santa’s beard growing out of the side of it.

A trip to the supermarket is in order then, and according to this post, Asda are rolling back 1,000 items, with lots of stuff reduced down to the size of the humble quid. Visit the forum as conflicting reports appear by the hour.
(deal found by pedroman)

Last year they said that staying in was the new going out, but maybe going out is the new staying in? Or the old going out? And who is ‘they’ and why is it even up to ‘them?’

Whatever – if you’re not one of those people who abstain for the whole of January, only to resume your normal behaviour and treat your body like a theme park for the rest of the year, check out the food ‘n’ booze price-slashing that JD Wetherspoons are proposing. Hardcore stuff.
(deal found by kingy58)

Finalastly, if you’re already shopping ahead for Decemberfest ’09, you might like to invest in a reduced Christmas teddy at Clinton Cards. More info along with a few other bargains here.

But, PLEASE, don’t forget, if you buy a teddy now, it won’t survive the year unless you take proper care of it. Bury it in the garden along with a carrier bag filled with damp rice and it should be okay. But don’t dig it up before December 24th – the shock might kill it. Thanks.
(deal found by munnski)

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