HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday July 1st

Right then, here’s our pick from the very latest bargains as unearthed over at HotUKDeals.

If you’re gagging for faster chips, love old comedy films and enjoy being indoors playing cartoon tennis during a heatwave, then you’ve come to the right place.

Are you enjoying Wimbledon and keen to join in but are afraid to take to your local tennis court for fear of dying from (a) shame or (b) a massive cardiac arrest? You are? Great! This could the deal for you then. Provided you’ve got a Nintendo Wii.

A recent release, Mario Power Tennis is currently available on the Wii for an astonishing £4.99, though it probably won’t be for long. It’s possibly a misprice and if it isn’t, stocks will almost certainly run out soon, so get it while you can.

If there’s one thing that unites us all here at Bitterwallet HQ, it’s our certainty that oven chips don’t cook quickly enough. Never mind the economy, just who is charge of the chip-cooking speeds in this country?

We’ll tell you who should be in charge - the boffins who came up with the Quickachip oven proof chip basket. It literally shaves whole minutes off your chip-waiting time – an enormous boon (and we’re always on the lookout for enormous boons.) Yours for only £1.99.

Finally, a phenomenal DVD box set filled with five classic Ealing comedies, (Kind Hearts And Coronets, The Ladykillers, The Man In The White Suit, Passport To Pimlico / The Lavender Hill Mob and available for just £9.99 – that’s £2 per film.

You have to own this, it’s that simple. We’re not sure we want to see you around here any more if you don’t. Trailer for The Ladykillers below. Go on then, order it! What are you waiting for?

(deals found by HUKD members love my boots, waldo and don’tdothatagain)


  • Emma
    The Ladykillers is a brilliant show :)
  • dontdothatagain Now £7.99

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